If you see anyone dump anything into the street or directly into a storm drain, if you see a pipe discharging into a waterway during dry weather, if you see someone dumping in or near a waterway, or any of a number of other ways that pollution enters into our local waterways, there are a number of ways you can report pollution — call your local or state environmental protection agencies, call or email your local Waterkeeper, or use the Water Reporter app.

Water Reporter App

We have made it easier to find and report pollution — and to report the fun things you see and do on the river. Working with Chesapeake Commons, we developed a mobile app, which is a Bay-wide initiative, to gather critical data on the waterways you love! The Water Reporter App for iPhone and iPad and Android is available for download for free!

If you’re out and about and see debris flowing from a construction site, cows in your stream, or a pipe discharging questionable water, use the app to report it. Or if you are hiking, biking or paddling let us know and send photos & video. If your organization or group is planning a stream cleanup, tree planting, or any water related activity, please report those on the app as well! We will try to advertise far and wide.

Once your report is submitted it will be sent to your local Waterkeeper and to a live map available on the Water Reporter website. There are 18 local Waterkeepers in the Chesapeake Bay region waiting for your reports! You can also contact your local Waterkeeper directly to report pollution.

Maryland Report-A-Polluter Contacts

Maryland Department of the Environment: (866) 633-4686 — 24-hour hotline to report any environmental emergency that poses an immediate threat to the public health or the well-being of the environment such as oil and chemical spills or accidents causing releases of pollutants.

US Coast Guard Baltimore Command Center: (410) 576-2525

Maryland Natural Resources Police: (410) 260-8940 or (410) 260-8888 (24-hr hotline)

Baltimore City
General Concerns call 311 or (443) 263-2220.
Environmental Crimes Unit to report illegal dumping: (410) 396-4707
Erosion and Sediment Control: (410) 396-4650
Baltimore County
Baltimore County Dept. of Environmental and Resources Management (DEPRM) General Environmental Concerns: (410) 887-3733
Sanitary Sewer Concerns: (410) 887-7415
Erosion and Sediment Control: (410) 887-3226
Anne Arundel County
24-Hour Environmental Hotline: (410) 222-7777
Erosion and Sediment Control:  (410) 222-7763
Howard County
Erosion and Sediment Control:  (410) 313-1884
Stormwater Management Concerns: (410) 313-6444
Public Works: (410) 263-7967
24-Hour Emergency Number: (410) 224-2140
Montgomery County
General: 311
Erosion & Sediment Control: (240) 777-0311
Prince Georges County
General 311 or (301) 883-4748
Environmental Engineering / Policy Program (301) 883-7681

Virginia Report-A-Polluter Contacts

  • DEQ Northern Regional Office (Alexandria, Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington): (703) 583-3800
  • DEQ Piedmont Regional Office (Richmond): (804) 527-5020

Fairfax County Department of Public Works & Environmental Services (703-324-5033) – Report a Problem

Arlington County Environmental Services (703-558-2222) – Report Stream Pollution

Loudoun County Environmental Health (703-777-0234)

Henrico County – Report a Spill, Dumping or Other Illicit Discharge

Pennsylvania Report-A-Polluter Contacts

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP): (800) 541-2050

  • DEP Northeast (Susquehanna County): (570) 826-2511
  • DEP Southcentral (Lancaster County): (866) 825-0208
  • DEP Northcentral (Northumberland Co): (570) 327-3636

Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission: (855) 347-4545 (fish kills)

Washington DC Report-A-Polluter Contacts

Erosion and Sediment Control (202) 535-2977

West Virginia Report-A-Polluter Contacts

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Water and Waste (WW): (800) 642-3074 – Emergency #

  • DEP WW Romney Regional Office: (304) 822-7266